M N J t r a n s f e r

Terms & Conditions

1.1 Transfer implies the transport of at least one passenger from the pickup point to the drop-off point of a journey.  
1.2 Journey can be One-way or the Return.  
2.1 Private transfer:
Vehicles for 1-3 and 4-8 passengers. Passengers will be met at a Pickup point by a driver holding a name board with passenger’s name on it. The driver will drive the passenger to a desired Drop-off address or to the nearest possible location accessible by car. Transfer prices are per vehicle.  
2.2 Airport Shuttle Bus Transfer
Unlimited number of passengers. Transfer prices are per person. Transfer from the airport to the city center or vice versa.  
3.1 A person who wants to make a reservation must be over 18 and have a valid credit card.  
3.2 Reservation is carried out online, by filling all the necessary forms.  
3.3 Reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the transfer. As an exception, transfer can be booked within 24 hours, but you have to contact our booking agent and get an e-mail approval first.  
3.4 A person who enters the data is responsible for their validity. The Transfer provider company does not bear any responsibility for wrongly entered or untrue information.  
3.5 A person who enters the data for the group accepts the terms in the name of the whole group, and is responsible for the whole group.  
3.6 Reservation is completed when Credit Card Company accepts customer’s credit card, and when a transfer of funds is successfully completed.  
3.7 Transfer provider company does not have to accept a reservation. If the reservation is accepted, the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation. If a reservation is not accepted and the payment is completed, the amount paid is returned in full and in the shortest possible time.  
3.8 After a successful payment, a customer receives a Receipt with all of the booking details (PDF format). Customer is required to show this Receipt to the driver (also is valid on your portable device, save the invoirment) before boarding a vehicle, along with a valid document that proves customer’s identity (identity card, passport, driving licence).  
3.9 Each Receipt contains a Unique Reservation Code (URC). URC must be entered in order to check the status of reservation, to change reservation dates or to cancel the reservation, and as a reference for further communication between Transfer provider company and a client.  
4.1 Each passenger is permitted to bring the standard suitcase or travel bag, and one piece of hand luggage the same size that is allowed in airline traffic, a total of two pieces of luggage. Luggage must be properly marked with the name and surname of a passenger.  
4.2 Additional baggage is charged. Prices are listed in a data entry form. Customer is required to provide accurate information about the additional baggage. Excess baggage will be charged at a double price.  
4.3 Transfer provider company is not obligated to transport any luggage that was not declared in a reservation if there is not enough room in the vehicle.  
4.4 The Transfer provider company is not responsible for the content of luggage. Neither Transfer provider company nor any of its contracted or sub-contracted drivers will accept responsibility for loss or damage to luggage. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their luggage is loaded/unloaded at all times, if accompanying the luggage on the journey. Transfer provider company & or its contracted or sub-contracted drivers have the right to refuse any client or to make the journey due to the client having excess luggage which would result in the vehicle being unsafe whilst in motion.  
5.1 Children under 12 cannot use our service unless they are accompanied by an adult. Children 12 to 18 years have to have a certified written permission of a parent.  
5.2 For children up to 5 years in the Private transfer, children’s seat is compulsory. Since the children’s seat takes up one seating place in a vehicle, the child counts as an adult passenger.  
5.3 In the shared and low-cost transfer, children up to two years of age sit on one of their parents and travel free of charge. Older children have to pay full price.  
5.4 People who have special needs such as disabled people with wheelchairs are obliged to specify that in a reservation form in order to ensure appropriate vehicle. In this case a price may be slightly higher.  
6.1 Customer may change reservation details at any time up to 48 hours prior the transfer for individual transfers and up to 24 hours prior to shuttle transfer.
6.2 If the price of new transfers is larger than the amount paid, customer will be charged for the difference. If the price of the new transfer is lower than the amount paid, the difference will be returned.  
6.3 Cancellation of the transfer is subject to special rules:
-- In case of cancellation of transfer 3 or more days before the agreed date of transfer, Transfer provider company will return the amount paid minus 10 EUR for administrative expenses
-- In case of cancellation of transfer 2 or less days before the agreed date of transfer, Transfer provider company will NOT return the amount paid at all  
6.4 If the transfer is cancelled within 30 days from the date agreed because of the force majeure (natural disasters, death or serious illness of family members, etc.) Transfer provider Company will return the entire amount paid. Client is obliged to provide valid proof in support of their demands.  
6.5 The cancellations of the shuttle bus seats reservations are not refundable.
7.1 All vehicles that are used for transfers are properly inspected and ensured in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.  
7.2 Passenger's insurance is included in the price of the transfer.  
7.3 A passenger under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances won’t be allowed to enter a vehicle and will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.  
7.4 A passenger whose behavior endangers the safety of driver, other passengers or other participants in traffic will be removed from the vehicle, and reported to local police department.  
7.5 Smoking, consuming food and beverages, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this policy are water and soft drinks in bottles. Everything else has to be approved by the driver or Transfer provider’s representative.  
8.1 Transfer provider company is required to perform all the services responsibly and professionally, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.  
8.2 Transfer provider company can have their rights and obligations partially or fully transferred to a third person or persons, according to his own choice and without prior notice.  
8.3 Verbal agreements between the client and Transfer provider company must subsequently be confirmed in written form (e-mail, fax), otherwise are considered invalid.  
8.4 Transfer provider company is not responsible for delays in the arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic crowds, extremely poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires and so on (force major), and is not required to indemnify passengers.  
8.5 In case that client is not able to establish contact with our driver at the agreed place in the agreed time, client is required to contact our call-center as soon as possible at +386 (0) 41/644-444, where he will receive further instructions. Keep a note of our number.  
8.6 In case that a client is delayed for any reason, client is required to contact our call-center as soon as possible at +386 (0) 41/644-444, where he will receive further instructions. Keep a note of our number.  
8.7 Transfer provider company cannot guarantee the exact travel time of the transfer. All data regarding travel times are just an estimate. Clients who continue to travel by other means of transport should leave enough time between the end of the transfer and the departure time of another means of transport.  
8.8 In case that selected type of vehicle is not available for any reason, Transfer provider company can perform the transfer using another appropriate vehicle.  
8.9 Only the Transfer provider company can receive payment for transfers. No one has the right to charge or try to change the terms of transfer in the name of Transfer provider company, except when it is expressly defined.  
8.10 In the event that the transfer has not been made, in whole or in part, Transfer provider company is required to refund the amount paid in full. The client is required to obtain and present evidence in support of their claims. Complaints must be submitted within 48 hours. Complaints without grounds or submitted after 48 hours will be disregarded.  
8.11 Transfer provider company is required to consider all complaints and make a decision on them within 28 days.  
8.12 If a client is entitled to a refund, Transfer provider company is required to return the amount in question within 28 days.  
8.13 All issues will be attempted to resolve by an agreement out of court.  
8.14 All the disputes will be presented before a Court in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  
I have read, understood and I fully accept the Terms and I confirm that by selecting the appropriate option on the screen.